Great-tasting food always brings people together to one table, across generations, cultures and language. It is with the joy of sharing that food tastes the sweetest.

Preservation – preserving the gifts of Nature, the natural sweetness and freshness of Nature’s abundance, and the family spirit of sharing

Harmony – in harmony with Nature, and in harmony with our five senses and bodies

Wholesome & Organic– using only the freshest, cleanest, and natural and/or organic when possible ingredients to enjoy the gifts of Nature closest to their original forms.

Community & Sustainability – We are in this world together. We can ask and receive support from others and together we create a collaborative community and supportive space so we can all flourish together as a human race.

Generosity – sharing the joy, sweetness and freshness of Nature with others at an affordable price

Family love – great-tasting food brings people together to the family dining table, across generations, across cultures and languages.

Sharing the Joy of Nature