Fairlane Organic is born out of a passion for the tasty exotic fruits of Thailand.
As a young child raised in Hong Kong, mangoes, lychees and longans from Thailand were a real treat for me on special occasions. For my family, the pleasure of savoring tropical fruits brought us great joy.

Many of those moments were shared at Fairlane, the name of my parents’ home in Hong Kong. Our brand name “Fairlane” is to honor my mother, who was always generous and loved to bring joy to family and friends.


At Fairlane Organic, we are dedicated to preserving the freshness and sweetness of nature in a wholesome and sustainable way that is in harmony with our body and the environment.

Farmland in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand provides us with the opportunity to grow and harvest our own fruits sustainably. We believe the farmers in Chiang Rai are the custodians of this beautiful land, nurturing it for future generations.
We manage our entire supply chain from planting, growing, processing and harvesting our fruits. We also source other fruits from local farmers to ensure we produce high quality, healthy, delicious products for our customers, while also caring for the environment in our local community.
Today, Fairlane Organic’s product portfolio includes fruit jam products such as mango jam, pineapple jam, longan jam, lychee jam, passion fruit jam, starfruit jam, mulberry jam, longan with butterfly pea flower jam, lime spread, along with dried fruit products such as dried mango, dried pineapple, dried longan, dried guava, dried mixed fruit, dried lychee, herbal tea products, and Arabica coffee products.
Our products are currently sold in Thailand and we envision to export our products to other countries in Asia, including Hong Kong my motherland, so even more people can also enjoy the flavors of these incredible fruits and herbs of Thailand.